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User FAQs

What is Audiu?

Audiu is a portal for artists and producers to connect with each other and with music industry professionals. Our mission is to empower and enable musicians and producers through feedback,support and other services provided by a trusted network of Pros.

Who are the Audiu Pros?
  • Verified Pros: Active music industry professionals who have been vetted by Audiu. They include releasing artists, renowned engineers and world-class educators.

  • Community Pros: Audiu community members offering services for free or at low cost.
What services do Audiu Pros provide?

Currently our Pros can offer feedback, mixing and mastering services. We will be adding more services to this list soon.

What is Audiu Feedback?

Audiu Feedback is a 1-on-1 critique of your track from your choice of Pro. It may include a combination of technical, creative or industry advice depending on the Pro you choose. Feedback comes in different flavours:

  • Quick: Have a Pro listen to your track and provide their first impressions in basic text format.
  • Full: Have a Pro listen to your track and provide a categorised, interactive report which may include embedded audio, video and images.
What does Full Feedback consist of?

All Full Feedback includes:

  • First impressions
  • Strongest point(s)
  • Weakest point(s)
  • Suggested strategy

Pros may optionally cover other areas such as:

  • Credibility
  • Market Appeal
  • Originality
  • Groove
  • Sound Choices
  • Arrangement
  • Mix
What is Follow Up Feedback?

If you have purchased Standard Feedback from a Pro who offers Follow Up Feedback, you may resubmit updated versions of the track to them at up to a 50% discount.

How much do services cost on Audiu?

Pros set their own prices for services. You can see prices on their profiles or on the browse pages.

Can I keep my feedback and other services private on Audiu?

All paid-for feedback and services can be made private. Free services must be kept public.

Can I keep my profile private on Audiu?

Profiles are always public, but some users choose to use an alias or anonymous username which is not linked to their artist accounts. Usernames can be changed at any times.

How much do services cost on Audiu?

Pros set their own prices for services. You can see prices on their profiles or on the browse pages.

What is the turnaround times for services on Audiu?

Pros may set their own turnaround times on a per-service basis, ranging from 1-14 days. Check their profiles for details.

How does payment work?

All services are paid for upfront via Paypal (no subscriptions). Money is only released to the Pro after the job is complete and you have rated it.

Can I message my Pro directly?

Yes. During and after all jobs (except Quick Feedback), you can communicate with the Pro using our inbuilt messaging system.

What happens if my Pro misses the deadline?

If the Pro has not started a job before the the deadline, you then have the option to cancel it at any time for a full and immediate refund.

What is an 'Example'

Pros may display examples of previous work they have carried out on Audiu. Examples act as a benchmark for the quality and style of service you can expect from a Pro.

What if I am unhappy with a service I have received?

If you feel that the service you received from a Pro was unacceptable, please get in touch at [email protected] We will mediate any disputes and offer a full refund where appropriate.

What does it mean if a Pro's availability is 'On Request'?

This means the Pro has 24 hours to accept or turn down a job. Some of our busier Pros require this flexibility.

What is a preapproved payments plan?

When requesting a service from an 'On Request' Pro, you may receive an email from PayPal indicating you have signed up for a "preapproved payments plan with Audiu". This is NOT a subscription. It simply allows Audiu to charge you only when the Pro accepts the job. No money will be removed from your account if the job is rejected or times out and the pre-approval will be cancelled.

How can I delete my Audiu account?

Please contact us via the chat panel or email [email protected] and we can flag your account for deletion.

Pro FAQs

How can I sign up to be an Audiu Pro?

Check out our Become a Pro page for more information on how to sign up

What are the prerequisites to become a Verified Pro?

You must be 'active and earning' in the music industry, with either a Discogs, Beatport or AllMusic Page and 2+ high rated Audiu jobs.

What are the prerequisites to become a Community Pro?

None. Please note that Community Pros have a price cap of £5. This cap increases by £2.50 after each highly rated job.

Are there any minimum commitments?

None whatsoever.

What services can I offer as a Pro?

Currently you may offer different types of feedback services along with mixing and mastering.

How do payments work?

Customers pay upfront for all work via Paypal. We hold the payment until the customer accepts and rates the deliverable.

How can I control my workload on Audiu?

We have several tools to allow you to control your commitments. These include:

  • Availability Settings:
    • Available: Automatically accept incoming jobs
    • On Request: You have 24 hours to accept or turn down work
    • Not available: Do not accept any incoming jobs
  • Private Profiles
    • Only people with your permalink can see your profile and submit jobs. You will not appear on the Browse Pros page and will be suppressed from appearing on search engines.
  • Max Simultaneous Jobs
    • Set the maximum number of concurrent jobs on a per service basis. e.g. “maximum 3 active mastering jobs at any time”
What happens if I miss a deadline?

If you have not started a job before the turnaround time expires, the user can cancel the job for a full refund. They may be prepared to wait, but you should message them to work something out.

How can I set 'Examples'?

Example work can be set from your profile. You can only use work set as public by the customer. All work you carry out for free is public. Offering free services for a short period of time can be great way of creating a portfolio of Example Work.

Who can become a Verified Pro?

Only Pros with 2+ highly rated jobs and one or more of the following will be considered for verification. Please enter the relevant links in your profile:

  • Discogs profile with releases or credits
  • AllMusic profile with releases or credits
  • Beatport artist profile with releases or credits
How does verification work?

Common methods of verification are via official social media accounts or an email sent from your personal web domain.

What is a VIP?

VIPs are well known figures in the industry who have been invited to join Audiu.