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The Platform: FREE

  • Enjoy unlimited project storage and publishing
    • Including stem uploads and version control
    • Build your personal artist network
      • Share and view content from only your network
      • Collaborate on your audio projects
        • With advanced privacy controls, perfect for teams
        • Enjoy public content from across the network
          • Inlcuding music, feedback and much more...

          The Services: FREE and PAYG

          Feedback Stream: Free - 'Give Feedback to Get Feedback' using this brand new feature.

          Community Pros: Free or Low Cost ($0-$5) feedback, mixing and mastering services.

          Verified Pros: Pay as you Go pricing (no subscriptions). Check the Price Guide below:

          Verified Pro Price Guide

          Quick Feedback

          Brief text feedback. A Pro's first thoughts, feelings and insights after listening to your track once through.

          $0 - $15

          average $6

          See Example

          Full Feedback

          Detailed, multimedia feedback on your track using Audiu's recommended categories and structure

          $15 - $150

          average $40


          A good mix can make or break a track. Upload your stems and have your track professionally mixed down

          $50 - $300

          average $100

          See Example


          Have your finished mix professionally mastered to get it ready of for the radio or the club.

          $10 - $100

          average $30

          See Example